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Extending SimCorp Dimension

There will naturally come a time when there is functionality that is outside the scope of SimCorp Dimension. This could be an interface that is unsupported or a format that SimCorp Dimension does not natively support. In this blog post I will use the example of saving extracted data in an Excel spreadsheet; that is an xlsx file and not simply a csv file. The traditional way of exporting to Excel in SimCorp Dimension would be through Crystal Reports, but I’d like to explore a more general way of extending SimCorp Dimension, no matter what the business requirement might be.

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Synchronizing SimCorp Dimension Trades

A frequent issue in SimCorp Dimension, is when data needs to be imported in a specific order. The scenario given in this post is of an initial trade import, followed by subsequent trade updates to the initial trade. The issue arising when messages or files from upstream systems are misaligned and updates arrive before the initial trade import, making the trade update fail in SimCorp Dimension and a support nightmare unfolds trying to untangle the failing trades.

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