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Sovereign Wealth Funds Integrate Investment Management Software with Microsoft Excel

Integrate Your Investment Management Software with Microsoft Excel using XL Connect.


XL Connect is the result of a close collaboration with a Sovereign Wealth Fund and we are confident that your Sovereign Wealth Fund can benefit from using XL Connect.


XL Connect is a user friendly menu-driven add-in to Microsoft Excel designed for the Business User. Through the use of wizards, menus and intuitive user interfaces you can quickly access your Investment Management database and start aggregating and cubing data right on your desktop, no additional server software required.


The rich data manipulation tools in XL Connect are complimented with a Report Designer allowing you to design your own reports by dragging and dropping columns right from within Microsoft Excel. XL Connect also comes with a range of functions for aggregation and cubing as well as a powerful Dashboard facility.


No more Copy/Pasting, waiting for Batch Jobs to finish or using complex Reporting software. Simply start up Microsoft Excel and retrieve the information you need with fast, secure and controlled access to your Investment Management database.


For IT departments cautious of letting users access the Investment Management database from other tools, XL Connect enables organisations to lock down who can setup new queries. As such IT departments can control the access to the Investment Management database through XL Connect.


For more information about our products and services for Sovereign Wealth Funds please call us on +44 (0)8458 736156 or email.



  • In-Memory Database
    Use a large range of data through the In-Memory database.
  • Select Data At Source
    Retrieve data held in your Data Warehouse, conventional databases, spreadsheets and a host of other formats.
  • Data Aggregation Engine
    Slice and dice your data using the menu driven Aggregation Engine and the integrated formula environment.
  • Join Data From Disparate Sources
    Join technologies as diverse as legacy systems and Web Services. Data from Data Warehouses, conventional databases, spreadsheets and a host of other formats are easily joined with our In-Memory database technology.
  • Multiple Result Sets
    Work with a cross-section of organisational information and analyse all in a single place from staff turnover to customer satisfaction.
  • Information In Real-time
    React to market situations as they happen.
  • Tabular Data Representation
    Layout your information as you see fit and start using the information from within Microsoft Excel.
  • Sort, Group & Filter With Ease
    Slice and dice your information in an easy to use wizard.
  • Extensive Formula Environment
    Enrich your analysis with your own calculations through the use of the integrated formula environment.
  • Report Designer
    Create fantastic looking reports, simply use the in-built Report Designer to create all your reports.
  • Dashboard
    Turn your information into stunning Dashboards with the in-built Dashboard PowerApp.

Please call us on +44 (0)8458 736156 or email for more information.