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Business Intelligence Software

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Business Intelligence Projects


We work with all stakeholders on any project making sure that user requirements are met while ensuring that data is accessed and handled according to your corporate rules.

Software implementation only takes a few minutes which means that we start working with you on your reporting requirements the very same day. Our project team of business and technical analysts will work with your organisation to develop the connectivity to your corporate databases and deliver the reporting solution we have specified with you.

If you would like to maintain a solution once delivered we offer both technical and business user courses. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation demonstration of any of our software.

Extended Functionality


If your requirements go beyond the standard software package our software developers are standing by to help.


Within our software framework we can extend data connectivity (Data Sources), Functions and User Interfaces (PowerApps). 

  • Data Sources: For legacy systems or specific web services a new Data Source would simply be plugged into either XL Connect or ImpactEdge.
  • Functions: Should you require specific Derivatives calculations or Attribution calculations, which cannot be handled by the in-built functions, tailor made functions will be written for you.
  • PowerApps: For new analytical tools for statistical modeling or any other user interface, our software developers work with you in order to create the right solution.


Neville & Rowe Software Framework